The Woman’s Literary Club of Holland is focused on community events and enrichment.

Our events (with exception to the first and last luncheons of the year) are held at Hope Church in Holland, which is located at 77 W. 11th Street.

Here’s the line-up of our great things coming in 2018-2019:

Program Location
October 2 Fall Luncheon

“Bridging the Straits and Building a Dream” by Jacquie Sewell

Macatawa Legends

  • 11:30 Social
  • 12:00 Luncheon
October 16 Honoring Past Presidents

“Spark!Lab–The Smithsonian Institution in Holland” by Ricki Levine

Hope Church, 1:00pm
November 6 “ATHENA Leadership: Recognizing Outstanding Women” by Marlen Kowalski Braun Hope Church, 1:00pm
November 20 “Florence Nightengale: So Much More than the Lady with the Lamp” by Corey Pepoy Hope Church, 1:00pm
December 4 “Varsity Voices Christmas” by Jonathan Van Eck, Zeeland Public Schools Hope Church, 1:00pm
January 15 “Renew Therapeutic Riding Center” by Melissa Conner Hope Church, 1:00pm
February 5 “Embrace Change” by Kate Moynihan Hope Church, 1:00pm
February 19 “30 Years and Counting: The Holland Symphony” by Kay Walvoord Hope Church, 1:00pm
March 5 “Out of the Ground and Sold Away” by Carol Jarboe Hope Church, 1:00pm
March 19 “A New Generation–New Hope for Haiti” by Dave Genzink Hope Church, 1:00pm
April 2 “Quertero: A Historical Perspective” by Esther Fifelski Hope Church, 1:00pm
April 16 Spring Luncheon

“PERSISTERHOOD–A Social Justice Choir” by Jennifer Wolfe

Alpen Rose Restaurant

    • 11:30 Social
    • 12:00 Luncheon